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Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo is 90 acres of animal exhibits, activity centers, and rest areas. There are over 1,100 animals and 300 different species. Some are among the most endangered species in the world. The zoo is divided into climate zones, each featuring different habitats for the animals needs. Their exhibits include: African Savanna, Ambassador Animals, Assam Rhino Reserve, Australasia, Molbak's Butterfly Garden, Humboldt Penguin Exhibit, Northern Trail, Temperate Forest, Trail of Adaptations, Tropical Asia, and a Tropical Rain forest.

Live video feeds are available in viewing areas to see cameras from the Zoo's very own field projects. Their goal is to help wildlife not harm it, the animals they take in are only animals in need, or born into the zoo.

There are sensory friendly Fridays every week, rose pruning demonstrations, jungle parties, and more. There are animal tours available along with areas for picnics, parties, and meetings.

There is a brewery offered to legal participants for just $38 dollars. Tasty brews and snacks are provided along with a premium animal tour.

One of their most popular events is ZooTunes they are held often, especially during the summer months. Bands, and singing groups come to perform big concerts on center stage at the center of the zoo. WildBites is a restaurant within the zoo that provides unique cocktails and delicious cuisine from all around the world. Mixologists, and some of Seattle's best chefs prepare these amazing foods.

The butterfly garden, and rose garden are not only beautiful during the day, but at night they are covered with lights that light up the whole park. A so called Zoomazium is also one of the park's most outstanding features. With indoor and outdoor closures there are areas for kids of all ages to play and explore a jungle themed play park. There really is fun for everyone. 

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