We are located at the junction of five of Seattle's best and most vibrant neighborhoods, places where Seattle residents love to live, eat, and recreate.

  • Woodland Park, home of the Woodland Park Zoo and Rose Garden has an entrance that is one block away. This lovely park provides 90 acres that include walking trails, biking areas, tennis, ball fields, and 300 plus species in the award winning Zoological Garden area. The Rose Garden is free, and is a great place to relax and stroll in near privacy ... just steps from the INN. 

  • Green Lake, which is in the park, has an excellent 3 mile walking path around the lake. The terrain is flat, relaxing, and perfect for people watching. There are a good number of restaurants, pubs and bars on the east side and north end of the lake. 

  • Phinney Ridge, Wallingford, and Fremont are three of Seattle's favorite neighborhoods ... and we claim all three ... as well as Green Lake and Woodland Park. We are on the street where all five of these wonderful neighborhoods come together.

  • Fremont is known for great funky bars, pubs, and restaurants ... and claims to be the center of the Universe. Wallingford and Phinney Ridge are also lined with food, brews, and shops. All are easily accessible from the INN.